Clean Up Australia 2021

Hindu Youth Australia volunteers organised their 5th Clean Up Australia event in South Australia this year. With such bright, sincere and hardworking Hindu youth, Australia and our community is in safe hands.

“Shaucha” is considered as one of the vital elements in leading a Dharmic life. The Hindu scriptures time and again stress the importance of Shaucha. Daksha Smriti (2) states that a person should ever try maintain Shaucha in whatever work he engages in and without such an adherence to purity, all actions and works becomes fruitless. “Shaucha” literally means both cleanliness and purity. Shaucha is that from which there arises dislike i.e. dispassion towards one’s body and detachment towards contact with others. Shaucha gives rise to purity of mind, contentment, one-pointedness, conquest of the senses and competency to attain Atma-Darshana (Self-Realization).

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The Hindu Youth Australia -SA Chapter

194 Goodwood Road, Millswood, 
South Australia 5034

+61 416 650 525

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